Hats by Rachel's Bespoke Service gives you the opportunity to work with me to create your unique headpiece. Whether it's a race-day, wedding, themed-party, fancy dress or other, the Bespoke Service offers the following benefits:


  • Initial sketches, based on a study of your outfit (or based on your theme), to show a choice of headpiece ideas which suit.
  • Custom dyeing to match outfit as desired (please provide a swatch of material). 
  • Prototype of headpiece and main feature shape can be produced for agreement before final creation (prototype is produced in neutral colours and materials).
  • Frequent updates/ meetings with customer and allowance for dynamic design where possible.
  • All bespoke orders are unique to the customer alone.


Drop me a message or a call if you are interested in the Hats by Rachel Bespoke Service. Quotes are estimated following initial consutation. Please allow a minimum lead time of 4 weeks for Bespoke pieces.



During Covid-19 Lockdowns, the Hats by Rachel Bespoke Service will be made available by remote meetings. Customers can share their outfit photos by whatsapp/ email or other. Meetings can be held by phone or skype. If an exact colour is to be matched, please post a swatch of material so that I can dye material to match.

Bespoke Service

SKU: B01
  • Refunds or credit notes are only possible for Collection products, and not for Bespoke products. As part of the Bespoke service, a number of meetings are held with the customer to ensure their design is as they envisage, including swatch colour agreement.